Sunday, April 21, 2002

The transcript of Bruce Sterling's speech at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference is really worth a read. There is some good stuff on Bollywood and intellectual property, but the best bit is at the end, on the motivations of the Bush administration, and this is worth reading on its own. This is the bit that starts with

So. After having expressed my partial sympathy for Mr. Eisner's point of view, I'd like to add to your cognitive dissonance by saying some warm and supportive things about the Bush Administration. Because, like a lot of CFP people, I too have been hanging out in Washington with spooks, lately. I've been covering the war. I saw the Pentagon. I saw Ground Zero. By my nature, I'm a whimsical, paradoxical sort of fellow. Those two sights didn't make me a happier guy.

and goes through to the end.

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