Monday, October 07, 2002

More dot com fallout

Imagine my horror this morning when I typed into my browser this morning and discovered that Arts and Letters Daily was gone, as a consequence of the bankruptcy of Lingua Franca. As someone who still misses Feed, I spent sixty seconds contemplating the horror, before following one of the links to which appears to be Arts and Letters Daily under another name. It seems that the actual site has to be auctioned with Lingua Franca's other assets and that therefore Denis Dutton cannot use it any more, so he has moved. On the new site, he says

Welcome to our new site, which we will be operating for the benefit of readers at least until the final disposition of Arts & Letters Daily.

Possiby this means he will try to get the Arts and Letters Daily name, URL, and most importantly the archive back in the auction. One of the worst things of the bankruptcy of online pulications can be the loss of years of interesting material. For now we seem to have lost the A&L Daily archive. This is bad. I'll be hopeful, as I wouldn't think the site is worth anything without Mr Dutton.

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