Sunday, November 10, 2002

I am a migraine sufferer

If you do not suffer from migraines, there is a temptation to just assume that people who suffer from them just have headaches, and not to be terribly sympathetic. I was sympathetic, but I was certainly not sympathetic enough. I personally did not start getting them until I was around 25, and I am a mild sufferer. My migraines only affect me occasionally - the one I had this weekend was my first in about a year - and they are relatively short lived, lasting no more than a day. However, they are awful, and I am completely unable to function when I have them. (I am now over this one, but I am lying down, feeling pretty weak. I just had a bowl of Cantonese noodles, and that did me the world of good).

For some reason, migraines, hangovers, motion sickness, and acute mountain sickness have very similar symptoms. (At least they do for me). Intense headaches. Dehydration, vomiting, Sensitivity to sound and light. I wonder why this is. (are my susceptibilities to migraines and motion sickness related?) The symptoms are usually most intense for migraines (and AMS, although I have only had this once).

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