Saturday, November 30, 2002

We are getting terrorist attacks in places that are soft targets, like Bali, and like Kenya. Americans, Australians, Israelis and other target nationalities of the terrorists are being killed. And when this happens, of course, locals get killed. Hundreds of Kenyans and Tanzanians were killed in the 1998 US embassy attacks, many Balinese in the Sari Club bombing, and more Kenyans on Thursday. The terrorists would no doubt say that these deaths are unfortunate, but that the importance of their struggle justifies their deaths, or some such crap. It just makes me sick.

Kenyans in the village this evening said the carnage would deliver a devastating blow to their already weak economy. It is unfair, they complained, that innocent Kenyans would again have to die for causes they had nothing to do with. Then they started shouting against Arabs, some of whom have settled here and own stores in the city: "We love America," they yelled. "Go away al Qaeda."

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