Wednesday, December 11, 2002

This is what I like to hear from insane, bearded New Zealanders

There has been rumors about returning to some smaller scale Zombie film after this trilogy. Is it true ?

Peter Jackson... The answer is yes. I'm a big fan of zombie movies but nobody's making it anymore, that's irritating. I'm sure one day I will do one again.

Update: There is a good (but perhaps slightly pompous) profile of Peter Jackson, including an extensive discussion of his early and disgusting (but in a good way) movies over at Slate.

To one degree or another, Jackson's pictures—the early and the late ones—explore the juxtaposition of normalcy and depravity. There's an innocence behind the malevolence: Much of the humor in Dead Alive comes from the protagonist's futile efforts to care for his decaying, undead mother. There's also a sweetness to Jackson's naive heroes, who struggle to remain calm in a world that has collapsed around them. At its heart, the Lord of the Rings is this same story on an epic scale. With its stark themes, good-vs.-evil imagery, and clear notions of the good guys and the bad guys, it's a zombie movie without the zombies—and it's painted with the same black-and-white palette.

Yes indeed. Along with the simple fact that he has great technical skill, this is why Jackson was so perfect to make The Lord of The Rings , and it is why his version of King Kong will likely be terrific. He will take the 1932 innocence of the original and put a new, imaginative twist on it. This is another movie I cannot wait for, although I clearly am going to have to wait for it.

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