Sunday, December 29, 2002

Well, the story of the falling out between Sendo and Microsoft is starting to come out. Sendo claims that Microsoft stole its intellectual property and used it in its own products. I am sure this will make other phone companies want to work with Microsoft. This was one of the background stories to this piece on Microsoft's attempts to get into the phone software business that I wrote a few weeks ago. (I didn't mention the Sendo-Microsoft falling out explicitly, but it is discussed in both the Salon and Economist stories I link to).

Update: There is a further discussion of the Sendo-Microsoft affair as part of this editorial on Microsoft's tactics in general. Basically, Microsoft continues to behave like a bullying monopolist, even in markets where it isn't a monopolist or in which it doesn't even have significant market share. It seems less and less likely that Microsoft will be able to find willing partners.

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