Friday, January 17, 2003

Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata notes that since I put the photo at the top of this page he has been coming to my page, noticing that the photo is still at the top of the page, and has therefore assumed that I had not updated the blog since it hasn't moved. He has therefore gone away without realising that the text below it has changed. I wonder whether anyone else has made this mistake? I suppose it proves what the designers of the Palm Beach butterfly ballot paper now know, which is that good human interface design is hard, and that attempts to improve the design can have odd side effects. (Another thing to remember is that HTML may look very different on different people's screens. This is unlikely to be a problem on large screens, where the photo and a good amount of the text will visible, whereas on 800x600 or below, the photo is all that will be seen). In any event, I have put a whole month's posts onto the front page for now, so that anybody who has missed anything and wants to look at it can do so without fiddling with the archive. And I think I may move the photograph off to the side rather than keep it at the top.

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