Friday, February 28, 2003

Yes, I admit it. I have been to the Axis recently.

This is presumably the ISO approved international warning sign meaning "Beware: Quicksand". Personally, until this moment, I had thought that quicksand was something that only existed in Boys Own adventure type stories, and in really bad 1950s movies set on Pacific Islands in which someone mentions "The one patch of quicksand on the island" in passing early in the movie, at which point you know someone is going to fall in it by the end of the movie. But no, here apparently is some real quicksand.

Multiculturalism in action: The younger member of this Sikh family visiting Mont St Michel is in fact wearing a blue striped scarf with "Kangaroos" written on it repeatedly. For non-Melburnians, this means that he is a fan of the North Melbourne Australian Rules Football club. This club is slightly unfashionable, but has had a good team in recent years, at least until Wayne Carey's best friend's wife.... - no, actually I won't go into that.

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