Friday, April 11, 2003

Australian men and their big engines

Why do I feel that Tim Blair will post a followup to this piece by Micky Kaus (via instapundit) some time in the next 24 hours explaining that real men (ie Australians) never stopped driving rear wheel drive cars and that front wheel drive cars are for wimps.

(The Australian car market is more like the US market than the European market, largely because of the large distances involved. As in the US, the Australian government doesn't tax petrol very heavily, and people can thus afford to drive cars with high fuel consumption. For some reason, Australians haven't taken to driving trucks in quite the same way that Americans have, though . (Australians also drive a lot of SUVs, but very few minivans). The best selling cars are large and massively overpowered sedans that the local branches of Ford and GM produce specially for the Australian market).

Update: Tim is indeed going on about the joys of rear wheel drive. He does refrain from mentioning that unlike the Americans and Japanese, the Australian branches of Ford and GM never abandoned it.

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