Thursday, June 12, 2003

A new hope

I have been moved over to the new version of Blogger. It will be interesting to see how this compares with the old one in terms of reliability and/or archive issues.

Update: There are some issues with comments not appearing on my page. In particular, it is in some instances showing up as "Comments[0]" when there actually are comments. Yaccs has a code update to fix this problem, but I am unable to install it on the public terminal I am presently using. If all goes well, I shall fix it at home this evening.

Further Update: These should now be fixed, at least in theory.

Even Further Update: I have encountered no archiving or reliability problems so far. It doesn't work properly with Mozilla, though. It detects that I am using a non-IE browser, and gives me a watered down, Blogger light version. (Of course, the old Blogger didn't work properly with Mozilla either, but in a "This isn't IE? Well I don't fucking care. I am going to behave as if it is" kind of way).

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