Saturday, July 05, 2003

I really love the Onion

As well as being a dazzlingly spot on (and at times very close to the bone) parody of a regional newspaper, the Onion contains some of the smartest reviews of popular culture around. The people who write for it have to have a spectacularly good feel for popular culture to get the parodies right, and they use this without the parody in the review section. This couple of lines from their review of Terminator 3 has to be my favourite quote from a review in a while

Terminator 3 finds his good cyborg once again squaring off against a more technologically advanced evil cyborg from the future, this time a foxy lady Terminator (newcomer Kristanna Loken) who's sort of like T2's shape-shifting Terminator as redesigned by the editors of Maxim. With her big eyes, stiff gait, and robotic voice, Loken suggests a cross between the ultimate sex doll and the little-girl robot from Small Wonder, only all grown up and ready to kill.

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