Sunday, July 20, 2003

I saw Hulk

Sadly, Hulk wasn't very good. I had hopes that it might be okay, given that it was made by a film-maker of class, ond one whose early movies at least (particularly The Wedding Banquet and Eat Drink Man Woman) were notable for the high quality of their acting and character development. The film consisted of two thirds people talking pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo, and one third action sequences of a large green man breaking the laws of physics. In a way it was like The Matrix Reloaded, both in terms of the immense amount of complete and utter crap spoken by the characters and the fact that the visual sequences were actually pretty good when the movie movied away from the crap. In particular, the split screen effects designed to make the movie actually look like a comic book actually worked, and there is a long section of the middle of the film, featuring both the Hulk's arrival (by military machinery) and then departure (under his own power) from a secret base in the desert and subsequent pursuit by the military across much of America's most spectacular scenery, that is visually absolutely beautiful and is technically one of the most perfect action sequences I have ever seen. However, it's a shame about the rest of the film.

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