Friday, August 08, 2003

More photos

I have a couple of longer pieces in gestation, one of bars and cafes, and the other on the architecture of Santiago Calatrava. However, in the short term a couple more photos.

This was in Arles, and the top of it looked like a relatively standard and aging mermorial to the second world war. But underneath it we have something newer

This all makes you wonder, of course. Were Lieutenantss Tippett and McConnell the only Americans to die in Arles in the war? If not, was there something special they did to merit a memorial of their own, and if so, what was it? And why was this plaque not erected until May last year? Did it replace an earlier one. Were more details as to what happened in the war only found out recently? I don't know the answer. Of course the debt the French owe to the Americans from that war is so great that it can never be memorialised enough, and of course whatever has happened in the last year many French still realise this. But it raises more questions than answers.

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