Saturday, August 23, 2003

More reasons I enjoy Roger Ebert's film reviews

Talking about the latest (fairly dire, in my opinion) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film

In the somewhat murky chronology she describes early in the film, the original box arrived from outer space, and was discovered by an Egyptian pharaoh in 2300 B.C. "in a place he called the Cradle of Life," she explains to her colleagues, mentioning Pandora's Box. "You mean the Greek myth?" she is asked. "That's the Sunday school version," she says. Only Lara Croft would go to a Sunday school that teaches Greek myth.

Actually, the rest of the review is very funny, too. Unfortunately, unlike Ebert, I didn't greatly care for the movie, although the genre (adventure movies involving old libraries, crumbling temples, Noah Taylor, and lots of world travel) is one I generally enjoy. (Just as an aside, Ebert is right about Whale Rider, however. This is the best film I have seen in ages).

Of course, Mark Steyn's film reviews are just as funny, but from a different perspective. (Despite Ebert being a leftist and Steyn being a rightist - I'm not sure if we can claim him as a libertarian - Ebert apparently very much enjoys Steyn's reviews. I don't know if the reverse is also true, although it wouldn't surprise me). Unfortunately, there isn't a searchable database of Steyn's reviews available the way there is for Ebert's. This is a shame. I might have to subscribe to the Spectator or something, which I am reluctant to do because it is full of Tories).

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