Monday, September 01, 2003

Comments on comments

I feel half naked posting here without having the comments system working. I like the feedback I get, and although my counter tells me that people are in fact visiting, it somehow feels that they are not. As I have mentioned before, the comments sections on this blog is nice and cozy, and I think it has the mood of sitting around a fire in winter with a few of my friends and a nice bottle of port, or something like that.

However, some comments sections are less friendly, and some can be downright nasty. People use rather more inflamed language than they would in person, and if you are on the receiving end it can be unpleasant. Certainly However, I am better at dealing with it than I used to be. Sometimes I just laugh. For instance, when I am told

shame on you for buying that horrible tasteless pre-grated muck.

because I have admitted on a blog to having committed the deadly sin of having bought the wrong sort of cheese, I tend to think the other person should lighten up a bit.

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