Tuesday, September 09, 2003

More cricket

I have a piece on England's schedule for next season over at Ubersportingpundit.

In the last few weeks, I have moved most of my cricket coverage over to ubersportingpundit. Part of this has been because Scott Wickstein, whose blog it is, has been very busy and unable to write much for that blog himself, and I felt it was a good thing to provide content. Secondly, when I meet readers of this blog, they seem to think that I am obsessed with cricket. I'm not, really, at least no more than I am obsessed with a lot of other things. (Can one have lots of obsessions, or does the word imply that you can only have one, or maybe two or three at the most). I do like to delve deep into subjects, however, and I do this with cricket like I do with anything else.

I like writing about cricket, because it appeals to my mathematical mind, but it has subtlety and poetry to it as well. (Plus it gives me the opportunity to drink beer and shout loudly when I am in Australia, although not so much if I am at Lord's). Plus it is utterly trivial, so I can have opinions that are as weird or eccentric as I like, and they won't offend anybody, or at least if they do an appropriate response is to tell the other person to lighten up. (Somebody once called cricket (or was it football) "the most important of all the unimportant things", which is a nice way of putting it. I cannot remember who said it, however.

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