Saturday, October 04, 2003

Me in Australia update

Just updating on what I said a week or so back, the plan is now for people to meet up in Sydney on November 8. As far as bloggers who will be present are concerned, Scott Wickstein is flying in from Adelaide, and Tex of Whacking Day and James Russell will be there too. The more the merrier. No decision has yet been made on the venue. My thought is that we all meet up in a pub somewhere in the Glebe area. (Is The British Lion still a nice pub?). It might be nice for at least some of us to have dinner first, too, so a pre-pissup trip to a restaurant might also be in order. Any suggestions as to venues would be appreciated, although if I don't get any I will just unilaterally make a decision. (Of course, it's a little over 18 months since I have been in Sydney, so there is always a danger that the place I choose will have been demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass. Therefore suggestions would be appreciated).

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