Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Different people working for the same organisation

Yesterday afternoon, I found myself walking through Waterloo Station. Of an afternoon, the station contains lots of newsagents, bookshops, and other people selling the Evening Standard, London's evening newspaper. Outside one of the newsagents I saw a poster advertising the main headline

Okay, this happens once in a while. Cambridge University scientists have backed down from their intention to do some experiments on monkeys as part of an attempt to find a cure for Alzheimers disease, due to threats of violence from "animal rights" activists. My sympathy is with the scientists. I think it is appalling that they have to live in fear of violence, and if progress towards a cure for Alzheimers is genuinely hindered because of this, it is a backwards step. From just looking at the poster, it seems that the Evening Standard is more with the protestors. This is a shame.

However, what happens if you look at the actual newspaper?

Yes, that interpretation is much more to my taste. But my goodness. The various bits of the Evening Standard do not seem well coordinated.

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