Friday, January 09, 2004

I probably shouldn't go here

Time Blair skewers the late Princess of Wales' paranoia appropriately.

Do you believe that Prince Charles was plotting, in the manner of a 1930s Hollywood villain, to slash Diana's brake lines and send her to her death? Given the usual traffic conditions in London, where most of her driving was done, the old brake trick would probably only have sent the Princess into the rear of a minicab at 10km/h. Foiled again, evil Prince Charles!

It is an unbelievable story, so much so that Diana evidently did not believe it herself. If she did, she might have considered it prudent to take certain basic precautions . . . like wearing a seatbelt.

(Go read the whole thing. It's good).

It is now also being reported that Diana believed that the Saudi royal family was plotting to have her killed. Now that is paranoid.

As far as I can tell, the Saudi royal family wants to kill a lot of people. What made Diana think she was so special to have a specific plot against her? Talk about delusians of self-importance.

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