Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A question

Last night I was talking to a couple of other bloggers, and the subject got around too blog design, and in particular the design of this blog. Now, my main thought in designing this blog was to make it easy to read and use. I think I have largely succeeded in that. One of the two bloggers (Hi Jackie) agreed with me when I said this. The main observation of the other (Hi Patrick) was that he really hated the light blue, and was almost reluctant to come here because of it. Now I quite like the light blue, although I did not put great thought into choosing the colour. (I started with one of the standard blogger templates and hacked around wiith it, and the one I started with happened to be light blue).

I am simply mildly curious about how other people feel about the look of this site. I have been using the present design essentially unchanged for about a year, and I think a redesign once every year or so is probably a good idea even if you have a good design. But right now I don't have the time to do it myself or the resources to get somebody else to do it for me. So the present design will likely stay for a few more months. But I would be interested to hear people's thoughts.

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