Saturday, February 28, 2004

Further evidence that there is no reason for leaving the basement.

Yesterday, I realised that I wanted the DVD of Richard Linklater's semi-animated film Waking Life. I am not really prepared to pay any more for it that I would pay to see an ordinary film in the cinema, but lots of new DVDs can now be bought for less than that these days, so no huge obstacle, one would think. However, the deep discounting occurs on more mainstream films, and the more arty films are often harder to find cheap (although it can be done). I thought that today I might wander down to central Croydon, perhaps stop for a pint at my local, and look in the Virgin Megastore to see if they have the DVD cheap.

However, I was a little slow to get going, and browsed around on the internet. As it happened, I ended up buying the DVD from a place in Canada for £5.59 including postage. That's right. I just bought a DVD from a store in Canada to save myself a short walk. God bless the internet.

Update: Actually I went for the walk anywhere, and saw a movie while I was at it. The Virgin Megastore wanted £9.95 for the DVD, so I saved money by buying it from Canada, although the picture quality would have been marginally better on the British DVD.

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