Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Movies on TV

I caught the end of Harold Ramis' Groundhog Day on television last night, and I was struck once again by how good it is and also just how good Bill Murray is in the lead role. The fact is that Bill Murray has a large body of work which has never before been appreciated come awards time, and the best way for him to campaign for him to win the Best Actor oscar for Lost in Translation would be for as many voters as possible to watch a few of his old films in the next couple of weeks, because it is a really good body of work. There are at least a couple of performances that should have been nominated for awards but weren't in there.

Another slightly odd thing about Murray's awards chances is that I read a comment in one of the film industry trade papers suggesting that Murray's acceptance speech at the Golden Globe awards might affect his oscar chances, and which implied that it was a graceless speech. However, when I look for other reports, I find that it is just about everywhere described as the best speech all night, due to being quite funny. I guess it depends on whether oscar voters have senses of humour. I can't say I'm too confident in that case.

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