Tuesday, March 09, 2004

An interesting thought

Brian Micklethwait made some observations on why he thinks it is a bit silly to have a passenger wheel inside a circular hole in the World Financial Center being built in Shanghai. Given that the point of such wheels is to get you higher than you could get without them, I have to agree. (The future skyline of Shanghai looks cool though. I must go some time. The North Bund Tower looks like something out of the Thunderbirds).

This caused me to browse Skyscraper Page a little. I ended up at this picture of the tallest destroyed buildings. The largest buildings in the picture by far are of course the two World Trade Center towers that stood in New York, but on the very right of the picture we have the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria. The combination is poignant somehow, but I will not try to draw a message of any kind from it.

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