Friday, June 11, 2004

One thing leads to another.

Okay, so you agree to build a custom made computer for someone else. You do actually order good quality equipment and components, but you want the resulting computer to look like a quality effort too, so you order a nice case rather than a cheap plastic one. As it happens, the online store from where you are buying most of the components has one for sale with a clear side, so that you can see the innards of the computer. Upon ordering this, you find that you are at a "suggested accessories" page at the online shop. The accessories are not expensive, so you order a couple. And when the parts all come, you put them together.

And that is how I managed to build a computer with one clear side, two glowing case fans, and an internal multicoloured fluorescent light.

Actually it's kind of cool. And it's a nice computer. I rather wish I had built it for me.

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