Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time to return, I think

This blog has been semi-abandoned for the last year, and it was fairly abandoned before that. People who read Samizdata will know I show up there from time to time, but that is pretty much all the blogging I have done over the last year. The strange thing is that I have been getting the urge to blog in ways that are a little too esoteric for Samizdata, and I am not sure that everything I write belongs there. So, I probably do need my own blog again.

In truth, though, I need a redesign. I think I have conceded Patrick Crozier. And some of the pictures have vanished. (I still have all the originals and could bring them back if I were to make an effort, but I am not sure I am going to make that effort). I think the new blog is likely to be at least 50% a photoblog, too, partly because posting photos is less work, at least it is if you take a lot of photos (as I do).

For the moment, though, I might blog here.

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