Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kolsch is also a fine thing

Much easier to find in London.though. (Sometime soon I will figure out how to get an ampersand and hence am umlaut in T9). (Actually it doesn't seen to even know the word ampersand. My regards to itap).


AlanL said...

On my phones you get an "ö" next after 6 by pressing the mno key five times. Although that may require having T9 switched off and the phone's language set to German. And even having got one, I would be pleasantly surprised if the phone used a character set that would enable it to be posted correctly. (The alternative correct spelling if you can't get the umlaut is "Koelsch", but I assume you knew that)

I've never drunk Kölsch properly, since both my trips to Köln were to yoga weekends where more than the odd bottle was out of the question - whereas in reality, as with Düssedorfer Alt, I believe you're supposed to go to bars where the waitress just keeps bringing you more and more until you beg her to stop, and then can't believe the number of tick marks on your beermat. Even in ones & twos It's pleasant stuff though.

Michael said...

Oooh. I have to go to Cologne, clearly.

And yes, I have to come to Munich, too. Messing around in Rostock when I have not been to such places might be seen by some as eccentric, I fear. I rather like Rostock, though. The old centre of the town is pretty, in a lived in kind of way. And Wärnemunder, to mouth of the river beach resort part of town (where I am right now) is pleasant, also.

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