Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brighton, England. August 12.


AlanL said...

Nice composition, shame about the haze (maybe try a camera next time?)

Michael said...

Of course, the ridiculous thing is that I had a digital SLR with a really nice lens on a strap round my neck at the same time I was taking this rather muddy photo with my camera phone.

The trouble is that I just find the "Blog this" function on the cameraphone to be so cool, and so easy. It takes about a minute from choosing to take a photo to having it on the blog. Using the actual SLR to take the photo, finding somewhere with internet access and somewhere to sit down, transferring the photos to my laptop, choosing the best picture, editing and resizing, and then uploading is time consuming and tiresome.

The consequence of not doing it is that on my blog I look like a significantly worse photographer than I actually am.

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