Monday, September 17, 2007

Riga, Latvia. September 17

This, Mr Flintoff, is how it is done.


Kristine said...

Sorry. Met you at Tom's talk Thursday but failed to introduce myself because I didn't know who you were and was a bit disoriented (and nackered) as I'd rushed from a long work-related event to try to catch a bit of Tom's talk, even if it was the last bit. Realised that you were the guy who's blog I'd left a few comments with only too late:-(

Michael said...

Kristine: My Norwegian commentator was at Tom's talk and I didn't get to meet her? Damn. (Can you give me any further information hat might remind me of where you were sitting or who you were talking to. I must have seen you at some point but I am no presently putting two and two together in my head.

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