Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Well done me, I think

I received a letter from my ISP the other day, telling me that I had breached the "reasonable use policy" on my "unlimited" plan. They did this the right way. It was a polite letter pointing the policy out, stating that according to their terms they could throttle my connection in peak periods or disconnect me, but stating that they would prefer to do neither and asking me to reduce my usage. My response to the letter will be to, indeed, reduce my usage.

Still, there something absurd about a world in which "unlimited" means that there actually is a limit, but that we will not tell you what it is until you breach it.


AlanL said...

Well done me too. I just had to upgrade my phone data plan from 200mb a month for €10 to 5gb a month (sold as such, not as "unlimited") for €25. Those yoga videos on youtube add up alarmingly quickly.

Interestingly, HSDPA is fast enough to download youtube videos without stuttering, which my rather lame DSL connection isn't. One of the radio engineers at the telco where I work was explaining to me over lunch last week that this will, sadly, change fast when I'm no longer the only heavy HSDPA user in my neighbourhood.

Michael said...

My home DSL connection is actually quite decent. It is a good deal faster than mobile UMTS/HSDPA broadband for me. That seems to give me a sort of half way house between dialup and DSL most of the time. It may be that I am getting vanilla UMTS most of the time though. The software only indicates HSDPA a small portion of the time.

The "unlimited" thing doesn't seem to be being used for mobile broadband in the UK, either. That seems to be more a wired internet thing. I am presently getting 1Gb per month for £10, which seems to be enough for my mobile needs. If it wasn't, I could get 3Gb for £15

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