Friday, November 06, 2009


On Wednesday evening, I was boarding a plane at Bremen airport in Germany. Earlier in the day, I had purchased a plastic bottle of Diet Coke, had consumed half of it, and then closed it and put the bottle in my rucksack. Of course, I then forgot about it. When I put the same rucksack through the X-Ray machine at the airport, it showed up and I was asked to remove it from my bag. I asked if I could simply drink the contents rather than have it confiscated. I was told that, yes, I could, but in order to do so I would have to take it back outside the secure area, drink it, and then go through security again.

I am almost tempted to offer a prize for the most creative reason that anyone can imagine for such a rule. Do they think I am going to explode if I drink non-approved Diet Coke on the wrong side of the metal detector? Even if they do, in what way would my exploding outside the secure area make things better?


Rob Fisher said...

Rezwan said...

The Germans are basically a rule based society. They ain't gonna bend it even a bit, even though this complicates things.

Remember Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), from The Reader (movie)? She was accused of letting 300 Jewish women die in a burning church because she did not open the door to let them escape the fire. She told the jury it was her responsibility as a SS guard to lock them in.

I am sure most Germans are not like that, but then again you will find some.

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