Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cricket posting

English person: "Yeaaahhhhh. It's amazing. Our cricket team has thrashed yours. I bet you are really appalled and upset this morning. Your team is crapppp!!!!!

Australian person: Yes. I've known this for months if not years. While we would love to win the Ashes back, I am not dramatically more upset than I was yesterday. The decline of my cricket team is a more a long running, endless agony of the soul than anything sudden.

English person: Surely this must come as a surprise to you. It does to me.

Australian person: No. Also, Ricky Ponting is an idiot who should have been sacked in 2005. I've known this since 2005. Really astute people have known it longer. Now please go away.


Dead Dog Bounce said...

I remembering you telling me about what an idiot Ponting was during the 2005 Ashes. Being right on this point apparently doesn't change over time. But I do wonder how much of a factor Ponting is in this affair. No-one seems to be holding up their end. Batsmen are getting themselves out, and bowlers aren't taking wicket. Selectors appear to be picking poor players.

While it's "good" (or interesting) that the wheel has turned, it's more interesting to me how the Aussi team seems to be in disarray. How did Doherty get selected, for example? Can you imagine the sledging he'd have copped from Shane Warne? What would a Border, Benaud, Warne or Lillee in their prime to turn things around?

Dead Dog Bounce said...

Well, Michael, looks like the Ashes are up for grabs again.

Johnson really runs hot or cold. Looks like he's found his hot tap again.

Michael said...

DDB: Are you someone I know who is posting under a new name? Obviously, you don't have to answer that question and/or can answer it in any way you like, regardless of what the truth of the matter may be.

Johnson is just about the best bowler in the world when he is good, but that is not, unfortunately, all the time.

I'm delighted that the series is alive. For one thing, it will improve the Australian summer. A big series (of which the Ashes is the biggest) finishes over two weeks in Melbourne and Sydney. Australians eat their Christmas dinner, and then the next day get on with the serious business of watching cricket, preferably from the stands at the MCG. (When I am in Australia for Christmas, my mother gets annoyed at my insistence on catching the early flight to Melbourne on December 26).

An Ashes series at 1-1 with the momentum being with Australia will lead to a wonderful December 26. The MCG will be full, and the crowd happy and enthusiastic. Awesome. I wish I were going.

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