Saturday, October 26, 2002

I suppose it could have been Bruce Wayne

Well, I suppose it is good (or something) to see that Peter Guber is on the Winona Ryder jury.

A day earlier, Guber, on an elevator in the Beverly Hills courthouse, had said casually out loud, "I have about as much chance of getting on this jury as the man in the moon. I only made three pictures with the lady."

Neither Rundle nor Geragos probed Guber for the details of his ties to Ryder. Instead, both pointed their questions toward whether Guber, 60, who now runs Mandalay Entertainment, would feel comfortable sitting in judgment of Ryder.

"Would there be any repercussions for you?" Rundle asked.

"Me?" Guber asked. "No."

"Mr. Guber, you're not afraid of working in this town again after sitting on this jury?" asked Geragos to laughter from the courtroom. Guber indicated he was not afraid.

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