Sunday, October 27, 2002

Michael Lewis' piece in the New York Times Magazine on the fallout of the internet boom is quite interesting. A key point is of course to me is that despite the financial hype at the top and the financial pessimism now, the technological revolution was (and is) real. Compare the way you live your life now with the way you lived it five years ago. The transformation to our lives and to the way the economy works is real, just as while lots of people lost money in the 19th century railway boom, it is also the case that a lot of railways were built.

The key story of the last couple of years is the commodotisation of a lot of things, from cellphones to PCs. Rather than getting better for the same price, technology items have got cheaper for the same (or better) quality. The key question I think is what can be put together with all this technology that is now really cheap. There are lots of fascinating possibilities.

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