Friday, December 06, 2002

Admittedly, I probably wouldn't be posting this if I came from Queensland
You know, the strategy of leaving Steve Waugh out of the Australian one day cricket team and all the preliminary squads for the World Cup, and then bringing him in to the final squad at the last moment, and then brinking him into the actual team halfway through the World Cup might have some merit to it. He seems to be getting a little pissed off .

Waugh made 24 not out from 12 balls but in five deliveries from all-rounder Ronnie Irani, he dropped a fierce pull-drive onto the first-floor balcony of the Members Stand, smashed a second six into the spectators in front of the same pavilion and ended the over and the match with another straighter drive over the long-on fence.

And these stickers were apparently on the packaging of the overpriced pies for sale at the SCG last night.

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