Friday, December 06, 2002

The Economist now has an leader (subscription only, unfortunately) arguing that Turkey should be given a clear timetable for being allowed into the EU. There's nothing new here: Turkey probably won't be ready to actually join for 10-15 years, but we should begin negotiations, help them get ready, and proceed in good faith. We are hearing strong arguments along these lines from Americans and British pundits. The hostility is coming from France and Germany. Which, sadly, is France and Germany's failing.

Meanwhile, the US are warning about possible terrorist threats in Turkey. This warning is about a potential attack on US facilities in Turkey, but I have heard occasional rumours over the last year about foiled or planned attacks on Ataturk's tomb in Ankara and the like. (The thing that strikes me about Turkey, however, is that if terrorists did blow up Ataturk's tomb, there would be a huge uprising of Turks, in opposition to the terrorists). The US State Department concludes with

The Turkish government has taken ``prudent measures'' to deal with the possible threat, the department said.

The statement referred to Turkey as a country that fully cooperates with the United States in the war on terrorism.

In the case of Turkey, unlike in the case of Saudi Arabia, this statement is actually true.

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