Saturday, January 11, 2003

Glenn Reynolds is discussing who the Republicans should appoint to various offices to confuse their opponents

And I have their ultimate Supreme Court pick -- but I'll save his name for later.

I personally would go for Lawrence Lessig, but I suspect America isn't quite ready for that. (Actually, it could be interesting. Bush supports Lessig. RIAA, MPAA, and their congressional supporters (many of who are Democrats) scream like there is no tomorrow. Bush is denounced on pages 1 through 76 of Variety. The RIAA, MPAA, and Sen. Hollings then have to defend themselves and their business practices in the most public way imaginable. The Republicans present themselves as the friend of the average American consumer, and the Democrats look to be in hock to rather dubious business interests. The good guys win.

However, I suspect that this scenario is too far from the way lawyers inside the Beltway actually think to happen any time soon.

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