Thursday, January 09, 2003

I wonder how long it will be before Bjorn Lomborg decides he has had enough of this, and moves to America, where he will be involved in a robust but more openminded debate, and where, incidentally, he is likely to be paid a lot better.

If so, it will be an interesting circle completed from reading this 1997 Wired article , to concluding it was "simple, American right-wing propaganda", to setting out to debunk it and discovering he couldn't, to becoming a worthy successor to the late Dr Simon himself, to being excommunicated by the Euro-left, and I suspect to now discovering that has a great many friends and admirers in the largely American anti-idiotarian movement (which appears, at least to the Euro-lefties, to be part of that same American right Lomborg recoiled from in the first place).

In any event, at this moment I will note that Julian Simon was a devout Catholic, which makes it at least logically consistent to suggest that he might be looking down from somewhere and finding this all to be in some way amusing.

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