Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I have always thought it was Pepsi rather than Dr Pepper that suffered from terminal unhipness. They have always seemed about two years behind the curve. The managed to set Michael Jackson's hair on fire, but not until 1984. (1982 would have been impressive). The managed to sign up Madonna for ads during the Like a Prayer stage of her career - just as she was offending Catholics and was about to move onto the Sex/Erotica stage of her career, which is the one time in her life when she has seriously misjudged her audience. Plus there was the hilarious rebranding of the Pepsi can from red to blue in the mid-1990s, in which they sent out a whole series of press releases which (hilariously) attempted to hype a change in can colour like it was the second coming. (There was a hilarious article about it in the Economist at the time, which I wish was available online).

I have no real wish to be a Key Influence Blogger. I wouldn't mind being an Adorable Little Rodent like Sasha, though.

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