Saturday, March 29, 2003

The joys of marketing

Well, I received a frequent flier statement from Qantas today. It included a section at the bottom telling me that I would no longer be receiving statements in the mail.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide better service to our members ...... bronze members outside Australia and New Zealand who currently receive a paper statement and newsletter will be sent their last mailing in May 2003

The message is that we should use the website instead. Okay, that's fine. I have been using the website to find out my frequent flier balance, book flights, et cetera for years. The paper statements are of little use to me. But still, telling me that they are being eliminated as part of their plans for improving customer service is probably a bit much, particularly given that their Gold and Silver frequent flier members are not getting their service "improved" in this way. Obviously they are cutting it out to save money. It would be nice if they would just say so.

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