Thursday, March 13, 2003

This sounds about right, actually

You are 46% geek
You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.

Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at

(via Ian Hamet). Now, if anyone wants to pay me a good deal of money (or even an initially small amount of money) to be a translator, you will find my CV on the left.

Ian (who fell in the some category) comments that he thought he would be in at least the mid 60s. I think the methodology of the test is slightly flawed. I think that the breadth of interests of many geeks is often not appreciated. It is fairly easy to give the "geekiest" answer to each question in that quiz, and yes, I am interested in all that stuff, but to do so would be to deny that I have other interests as well as Star Trek and physics, and that would be false. I don't think either of us mind the "geek liason" description, but describing us as only 46% geek seems a little unkind.

(I found Ian's blog by following one of those "Here is a good blog I have just encountered" type links from Glenn Reynolds. I immediately got jealous that he gave this link to someone else and not to me, but then I followed the link and I had to acknowledge that yes, it is a good blog).

Update: Kathy Shaidle complains about Prof Reynolds linking to other people rather than her, and she gets a link. I complain and nothing happens. Clearly, Prof Reynolds is ludicrously biased in favour of Kathy Shaidle. (On the other hand, I think throwing a dart through the TV screen when Al Pacino won for Scent of a Woman was a spendid thing to do).

Further Update: Patrick observes that most real geeks scored in the high forties. He is quite right. Genuine geeks are broad, not narrow.

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