Friday, March 14, 2003

Way weirder than even Michael Moore suspects

Cyberpunk author William Gibson was interviewed and answered questions from a live audience for a Canadian radio program. One member of the audience took notes of what he said in point form, and then posted them on a discussion board on his website. They have a delightful free verse quality about them. For instance.

To Google [v.]
We discovered it long predated my coinage
It’s just there, the traces we leave
A presence deliberately created or not
Persons who can or can’t be ‘Googled’, it has become a distinction
People without trace, an invisibility that’s increasingly rare
Not class, but similar to the landowners and the landless
A kind of cyber-Amish

or perhaps this:

Music as inspirational stimuli
Kids would be appalled, Neuromancer era:
The best of Rocky Erickson, the Thirteenth Floor of Elevators
In france, where they really understood these things

or this

Strange way realities seem to be tracking you
We don’t have the luxury, the now being so short
We don’t have solid enough place to stand on to judge where we’re going
I don’t think the media knows what it’s doing
It’s not autonomous that way, it’s not controllable
Change is technologically driven
New technology is not legislated into being
It’s wonderfully out of control
Conspiracy theories are popular and comforting because they can be expressed over two pints of beer or a tall latte.
I don’t buy it
What’s actually happening is far stranger
We’re engaged in a constant biofeedback with our own extended nervous system
It’s way weirder than I think even Michael Moore suspects

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