Sunday, April 13, 2003


Blogger and Blogspot were doing all kinds of bizarre things this morning, so I was unable to post, and I think people were unable to access the site. Thus blogging today is and will be light. I have a post at Transport Blog, however.

I spent yesterday evening in a pub in the Kensington area with the guys from Samizdata. It was good to meet Perry, Jonathan, David, Jonathan, Gabriel and quite a few others, although the exercise of matching names to faces to posting names (which are not always the same) was fairly complex. Anyway, it was an evening of good conversation with smart and interesting people while drinking mediocre beer. In all very enjoyable. Plus some very interesting ideas for indexing the blogosphere came out of a conversation between Gabriel Syme and myself. Hopefully we will get to implement some of this within a couple of month and the results could be quite interesting.

Anyway, nice to meet everyone. Please invite me to your future gatherings.

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