Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A good site

I wasn't aware of Aaron Oakley's Bizarre Science site until he linked to me yesterday and sent a hundred or so visitors my way. Thanks for that. The site has some good stuff, too. Aaron is today discussing the pointlessness of the Victorian government spending money on wind power generators that cost too much, spoil the view, and quite probably take out at least a few innocent birds.

I can however observe that there is one positive benefit of these wind generators. When I went for a trip along the Victorian coast about 18 months ago, I drove past the existing set of wind power generators near Port Campbell National Park. I was mildly curious, so when I reached a carpark, I stopped and got out for a look. Like many people driving along the Victorian coast, I decided this was as good a place as any to take a break. I discovered that for three or four dollars I could go for a tour of the site, which involved getting in a Land Cruiser, going up close and presumably being told lots of eco-waffle. I declined this great opportunity. However, the little booth selling tickets also doubled as an espresso bar. I was able to buy myself an excellent latte, which made the next portion of my drive much more enjoyable.

I am suspect that building wind generators is not a cost effective way of bringing better coffee to rural Victoria, but this is one side benefit none the less.

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