Thursday, May 15, 2003

Russians scientists confirm national stereotypes

This is great.

Russian scientists claim to have come up with a novel way of warding off Sars - a double shot of vodka.

Experts from the Medical Academy, in Moscow, believe the worldwide commotion over the virus is over-exaggerated.

Leading scientist Anatoli Vorobijev, from the department of microbiology and immunology, says the daily consumption of 10 centilitres of vodka should be enough to ward off the life-threatening epidemic.

(via Gweilo Diaries).

Next week: Scots confirm whisky will ward off Sars. University of Bordeaux researchers confirm red wine will ward off Sars. Researcher in Munich recommend beer for warding off Sars. Australians don't have the slightest &*£$%ing idea what wards off Sars, but will continue drinking all these things anyway.

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