Thursday, October 09, 2003

A cry for help

Some time ago, I switched to the UK ISP Freeserve. When I did so, Freeserve's software messed around with some of the sofware already on my system. One thing that it did was configure Outlook Express so that a box appeared at the bottom containing a couple of ads for Freeserve and related businesses. Although Freeserve is no longer my ISP, this has remained there. Yesterday, for some reason things changed so that this box is now taking up almost the whole of my Outlook Express screen. The Menu bar is at the top. There are a couple of toolbars underneath this, but underneath this where I would normally get the list of folders on the left and the titles of messages on the right, I am now simply getting a large blue box containing Freeserve's rubbish.

Does anybody have any idea how I can fix this? I have tried uninstalling Outlook Express and reinstalling it, but this didn't help. Presumably the Freeserve stuff is stored in some configuration file somewhere that wasn't deleted.

If anyone knows the answer, I would be hugely grateful. I have wasted a lot of time on this already.

Update: As to why the little freeserve window had grown to take up most of the screen and I couldn't resize it to get it back to its original size. I don't know. However, this advice on how to get rid of the "info pane" did make it go away completely, and I can now see my folders. Thankfully.

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