Saturday, October 11, 2003

I hate computers

Well, I don't really. However, I am home at my computer in London because I had endless computer problems trying to submit a job application electronically that had been be in by a certain time yesterday, and I wasn't able to make a flight to Copenhagen that I had intended to be on because it took me to the last minute. (I am only about £30 out of pocket, so it isn't that bad. And I did ultimately get the application in on time. On the other hand, I would much rather be in Copenhagen right now. And for that matter I could have bought a really nice bottle of single malt whisky for the £30).

Secondly, I just wrote a big long post on animated movies for Samizdata, and the server is getting flakier and flakier, and only half of it got posted. And I have been now struggling with the server for over two hours trying to fix this. To no avail. As a positive, I at least did not lose the post. I shall post the rest of it when the server is better.

Thank goodness I have the reliability of Blogger for my personal blog.

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