Friday, October 17, 2003

Did Sherkaner preprepare a secret deepness just in case? I bet he did. After all, he was controlling the helicopter.

Natalie Solent is discussing the question of why there is relatively little discussion of science fiction on her blog, even though it is one of the claimed subjects in the left margin. This question might apply here, too, as I suspect I am at least as big an sf fan is she is.

Personally I think I will blame it on Vernor Vinge's slow writing speed. I know that I am probably never going to get my wish of a sequel to A Deepness in the Sky in which Sherkaner Underhill comes back to life from wherever he has gone to just as Arachna comes out of the Slow Zone, but I want it. And it if ever comes, I will definitly write about it here, assuming that the singularity has not occurred by then. At least give me something, Dr Vinge. Anything. (Yes, I know you have given me some short fiction. I thank you for it. I'm just greedy).

Personally, though, I have never put "science fiction" in the list of subjects on the left, so I do have that excuse. Thinking about the list, though, I have updated it to be more consistent with what I write about and what some people seem to think I am obsessed with. (I do think it is just Wallace who is obsessed with cheese. Gromit I think is largely oblivious).

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