Friday, October 17, 2003

Needles in haystacks, or something

I am fairly certain that this afternoon I left my copy of Beyond a Boundary by C.L.R. James on a desk in a public library. If I had left my coat on the desk in a public library, I cannot imagine there would be a problem. I would go to the information desk next time I am in the library, ask if anyone had found a coat, and they would then get it and give it back to me. On the other hand, going to the information desk in a library and asking if anyone has found a book strikes me as somewhat more problematic. But I will see. I am sure that my book will still be in the library somewhere, but actually finding it may be hard, as it may well get thrown on the pile of books to be reshelved rather than sent to the lost property section.

In any event, it is not the end of the world. I purchased the book in a remainder book shop and it only cost me £2.50 or some similarly small amount. In any event, it is quite a well known book. The library almost certainly has a copy that I can borrow.

The annoying thing is that I have quite a long train journey tomorrow. I have been enjoying the book, and I was hoping to use the journey as an opportunity to finish it. Now I will have to read something else.

Update: The library's lost property system worked just fine, and they quickly returned my book to me when I asked about it.

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