Monday, October 20, 2003

Looking out over the ocean, with nothing between me and New York, except a few lighthouses

Well, I went to Porthcurno and Land's End yesterday, and the museum was fascinating although there is not all that much else to see with respect to cable landings (I was hoping to see 150 of technical detritus, but the evidence for the importance of the place is very subtle. The cables were for fairly obvious reasons always buried. As for the fact that Porthcurno is still today a major landing point for fibre optic cables, well there is essentially no evidence at all. The cables presumably come in under the beach buried and then connect underground to a buried landline.

I also had a lovely walk along some magnificent and extremely rugged Cornish coastline (mostly) between Porthcurno and Land's End. You sort of think of England as a gently undulating place, but not this.

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