Tuesday, October 21, 2003

That was fun

I spent yesterday in St Ives, location of one of the branches of the Tate Gallery and also one of the few places in England that can be described as a "surfing town". It's an absolutely lovely place, too. I also did another long walk around the cliffs from St Ives to Hayle. This led to my missing the 1730 train back to London that I had intended to catch. This meant that I spent three hours in a pub in Penzance before catching the overnight train at 2200, but caused me no other harm. (I would have made the train if there had been some signs pointing out the location or Lelant railway station, but for some reason there weren't Still, though, it was well worth it. And an advantage of aiming for the second last train is that missing it is not nearly as traumatic as missing the last train). I will post some more on this later, when I am at my own PC and can post some photographs as well.

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